LORING INTERNATIONAL, with branches in Malaga and Marbella, provides legal advice services on ADMINISTRATIVE AND/OR LEGAL PROCEDURES IN RELATION TO IMMIGRATION, ASYLUM AND NATIONALITY as well as other matters relating to this field including the legal regime of DOMESTIC WORKERS, convalidation of foreign degrees, marriage or non-marital partnerships with a foreigner and cancellation of police or criminal records.

Its aim is to provide a high quality, efficient service which is always adaptable to every clients’ needs.

Spanish Centre for the Collection of RUSSIAN Visa applications



Do you have real estate in Spain and you would like to apply for a MULTIPLE-ENTRY VISA?

Are you Russian, Chinese, Indian, or from any country in the Middle East and you would like to apply for a TOURIST VISA?

Would you like to employ domestic help but she doesn’t have the paperwork and she tells you she needs to apply for SOCIAL TIES?

Would you like to employ a domestic helper who is from the PHILIPPINES?

Is he/she an illegal immigrant with a Spanish child and they have talked about FAMILY TIES?

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