In the following blog CURRENT AFFAIRS relating to immigration rights and the domestic service legal regime are regularly commented on.  As are news and events relating to LORING INTERNATIONAL.




    After working for a number of years as a legal advisor on immigration for Marbella Town Hall, I have been able to gain in depth knowledge of the reality of the foreign resident population of the Costa del Sol, their needs and their problems.

    And, although it is true that there are currently many law firms and advice bureaus offering legal advice in relation to immigration or in relation to the domestic service regime, not all of them specialise in the subject matter, and sometimes their fees are not proportionate to the service provided, or they don’t speak other languages such as English.

    This is why LORING INTERNATIONAL aims to cover the needs for legal advice from experts in the matter, at a reasonable cost and provided in a manner that most suits the client (in person or on-line).

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